Wristband Singapore


Embossed – Custom-made silicone bracelets with embossed personalization are where the text and graphics are raised up from the band.  You can physically feel the letters and graphics on the silicone bracelets.  Embossed wristband Singapore can also have ink imprinted onto the raised surface of the band, creating a really unique 3-D look to the bands.  Silicone bands with embossed customization also have a longer lead time than imprinted silicone bracelets.


Our online product designer (silicone bracelet maker) is an excellent tool to customize silicone bracelets.  You can select from any of our offered Silicone Wristband Singapore colors with the option to upload your own artwork or select artwork from our library of hundreds of clip art. Morph your wristbands into a custom wristlet keychain or have them individually packaged. If you have a custom silicone bracelet request that you can’t make online, contact us and we can help get you perfect custom-made personalized rubber bracelets. 


Our bracelets can be customized with 6 different widths and 2 different circumferences on our site. If you want to see some of our work and help out a good cause, check out the Band Together Page.  Band Together is a program from Wristband Resources that helps charities and causes spread their message by providing them customized wristbands Singapore to sell.  All proceeds from the wristbands purchased on the Band Together page are given directly to the charity.  We work directly with the charities to make sure the custom rubber bracelets are a perfect match for their cause and their brand.  


In addition, these styles of colored wristbands are used with the above-listed hospital patient bands to serve as an extra safety reminder and alert for Allergies. They will have standard color and will have written labeling such as "Fall Risks" (which may come from medical conditions, injuries, and/or medications used with the possibility of all of the above causing the increased safety risk warning), "Allergies" (to cover allergic reactions to vast to list per band type risks), "Latex Allergies" (to make sure medical safety gloves are not made of latex which is an immediate risk more than other allergies), amongst several other important cautions that would protect the patient by preventing Iatrogenic mistakes, reducing additional medical complications.